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  • Products Name: Printed circuit assembly PCB functional testing
  • Number: PCBA-2-259
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  1. Production name: PCBA manufacturer in China OEM factory, top quality SMT PCBA, substrate FR4 PCB assembly 
  2. Key specifications/special features:
  3. Application for: communication apparatus, automobile electronics computers, medical devices and consumer electronics class fields
  4. Base material: FR4, FR1, CEM3, aluminum, TG150, TG170, 94V0
  5. Copper thickness: 1-4oz
  6. Board thickness: 0.5-3.2mm
  7. Min hole size: 0.15mm
  8. Min line width: 0.08mm
  9. Min line spacing: 0.08mm
  10. Surface finishing: HASL, lead free HASL, OSP, ENIG, gold
  11. Layer: 1-20 layers
  12. Max panel size: 541*647mm
  13. Finish hole size: PTH +/-0.003'', NPTH +/-0.002
  14. Hole position accuracy: +/-0.003"
  15. Ring annulus: min 0.1mm
  16. Aspect ratio: min 1: 8
  17. Min plated drills to copper: 0.25mm, 0.30mm
  18. Testing: flying-probe testing, E-testing
  19. Equipment: LDI exposure machine, AOI inspection, large-scale laminating machine, laser drilling machine, horizontal PTH, automatic exposure machine, DES line, automatic CNC, automatic tester, automatic visual inspection, vertical circular electroplating machine, automatic immersion gold machine, drilling machine, high-speed flying probe tester