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We Are Paypal Golden-key Suppliers Now

Date:2017年8月10日 10:03

We are Paypal Golden-key Suppliers now 


We are very pleased to know that PayPal company awarded us (SUNSOAR CIRCUIT) "Outstanding Merchant" and Golden-key Supplier Honor.

 Paypal Golden-key Suppliers

As far as we know, this is the first time that PayPal company carry out this certification, only few merchants with very high degree of customer satisfaction could obtain this honor, and certification is not to apply, only by PayPal company initiated. We are honored to be one of the first certified Golden-key Suppliers.


Paypal is effectively guaranteed the interests of customers, so that customers no need to worry about payment issue.

Customers can learn more details  following links through the paypal company's official website:

Paypal Golden-key Suppliers (3).png


and we are here.

Paypal Golden-key Suppliers (2).png

We will continue to maintain high quality products and services, to be your best suppliers

Here, thanks all of our customers who choose us in past 8 years, you are our motivation, your success is the meaning of our work.

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