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2017 Sunsoartech Global Sources Exhibitions Shows Successful Conclusion

Date:2017年4月22日 10:28

2017 Sunsoartech Global Sources Exhibitions

Shows Successful conclusion

Sunsoartech Global Sources Exhibitions 2017 Specialized Trade Shows In HK.jpg


Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Technology is specialized in Printed Circuit Board & PCB Assembly including components sourcing, functional test and complete assembly for clients all over the world. 






We have a very good team, they have experience, full of spirit, always put their best side show to the customer. And they'll be happy to help others, if you encounter any problems, all can find them, they will do their best to help you solve the problem.







On the global sources fair in Hong Kong, we have a lot of harvest.Customers from different countries and we took a group photo, they are very happy, we are more happy.Through this exhibition, we met a lot of new friends, we are looking forward to the next.



High Quality Mobile Phone Motherboard PCB Circuit Board Factory


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