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CADSTAR for Printed circuit board

Date:2017年4月11日 09:40

CADSTAR for Printed circuit board


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CADSTAR is a Windows based EDA software tool for designing and creating schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards. It provides engineers with a tool for designing simple or complex, multilayer PCBs. CADSTAR spans schematic capture, variant management, placement, automatic and high-speed routing, signal integrity, power integrity, EMC analysis, design rule checks and production of manufacturing data.

Originally developed by U.K. PCB vendor Racal-Redac, CADSTAR has been part of the Zuken product portfolio since its acquisition in 1994. The software is developed at Zuken's Technology Centre, ZTC in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The basic features of CADSTAR can be tested with the free version of CADSTAR Express  or Schematic and PCB files produced by CADSTAR can be reviewed using the free CADSTAR Design Viewer.



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