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Nexar to achieve in a complete embedded system

Date:2011年11月8日 14:49

The following examples will be combined with a brief overview of how to achieve a complete Nexar embedded system design process.

First: Create a new FPGA project
1, select the menu [menus] File>> New>> FPGA Project, in the engineering field will be shown the new FPGA project name, select the menu [menus] File>> Save Project, modify the project name in the dialog box, and then Save . In the engineering bar, choose File View option in the project will list all the files belonging to the current project. Note: Structure Editor options for editing the project file the link between relationships. 
Figure 1.1 FPGA engineering project to create bar ----

2, FPGA project can support both schematic and VHDL source files, using hybrid editing, you can build the chart symbol in the form of VHDL. Select the menu [menus] File>> New>> Schematic; can also select the FPGA works in the engineering field name, then click the mouse to select [popups] Add New to Project>> Schematic. Save the schematic and re-named exercise.schdoc. 

Figure 1.2 Schematic project to create bar ----

3, the next diagram in the newly added one of the most simple to complete 51 core-based design engineering, to achieve the function of LED flashes. In this example, will use 51 core, RAM memory, power-on timing control, XOR gate, Nexus protocol interface devices such as FPGA projects. Nexar2004 FPGA devices can be integrated in the library found in the system default settings, the top right of the window you can see favorities / libraries / clipboard three attributes bar, click the Properties bar libraries, integrated library window pop-up window ( see Figure 1.3). The design needs of the selected device, and drag it into the schematic.


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