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Mini Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

2017/02/23 00:00
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Latest Best Selling Western Style Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

The above X703 essential oil diffuser is our latest launching diffuser which has a unique and decent appearance as well as big capacity with special music of bird song. It will give you a wonderful life experience.


1.This scent diffuser is very mini, convenient to use.

2.It is optional to adjust mist and working time.

3.You can enjoy music, bird song, especially in a Spring morning by aroma diffuser.

4.The ultrasonic diffuser decomposes water molecular into 1-5um particles

  by2.4MHZ/S frequency vibration ultrasonic technology.

5.This aroma diffuser can keep skin moisture and improve immune system.

6.This USB diffuser can have static elimination near your computer.

7.It is multifunctional both as a humidifier and aroma machine.

8.This mini diffuser has auto power off function if there is lack of water.