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The role and precautions of the three-proof paint for circuit boards

2020/01/09 16:57
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The role and precautions of the three-proof paint for circuit boards
Tri-proof paint is a specially formulated coating to protect circuit boards and related equipment from environmental attack. The three-proof paint has good high and low temperature resistance properties; after curing, it forms a transparent protective film with superior insulation, moisture resistance, leakage resistance, shock resistance, dust resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and corona resistance.
The role and precautions of the three-proof paint for circuit boards
Moisture is the most common and most destructive factor for PCB circuit boards. Excessive moisture will greatly reduce the insulation resistance between conductors, accelerate high-speed decomposition, reduce Q value, and corrode conductors. We often see that the patina of the metal part of the PCB circuit board is caused by the chemical reaction of copper, water vapor, and oxygen that are not coated with three anti-paints.
The three anti-paints are coated on printed circuit boards and components. When it may be affected by adverse operating environment factors, it can reduce or eliminate the degradation of electronic operating performance. If such a varnish can maintain its effect for a satisfactory period of time, such as greater than the life of the product, it can be considered as its coating purpose.
Operational matters needing attention:
1. The PCB must be cleaned with washing water, not alcohol.
2. The PCB must be fully cured before being painted with anti-proof paint. The cleaned board can be baked in the oven.
3. If it is sprayed with three anti-paints, shake the bottle body before spraying so that the paint inside can be evenly sprayed on the board.
4. If it is a three-proof paint applied by brushing, stir the paint in the bucket evenly before painting.
5. The curing time of all three anti-paints at room temperature is several minutes to ten minutes, and the complete curing is 24 hours. Can be heated to sixty degrees and a half hours to fully cure.