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What is etched circuit board

2020/01/09 16:48
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What is etched circuit board
More complex circuit board from the light panel to show the line pattern process, typical current process circuit board (PCB) processing a "pattern plating method", i.e., the first portion of the circuit board on the copper foil layer to be retained, i.e. the circuit pre-plated tin layer on the resist pattern portion, then the remainder of the chemically etched copper foil, called etching.
What is circuit board etching
Etching is a method of removing copper foils other than conductive lines with an etching solution, and engraving is a method of removing copper foils other than conductive lines with an engraving machine. The former is a chemical method, and the latter is a physical method. A circuit board etching, chemical etching, etching with concentrated sulfuric acid does not require the circuit board is made of copper. Engraving using physical methods, with a special engraving machine, CCL engraving head forming a circuit trace.
The influencing factors of lateral erosion are as follows:
1.Etching method
Immersion and bubbling etching will cause larger side etching, while splash and spray etching will have less side etching, especially spray etching.
2. Types of etching solution
Different chemical compositions of different etching solutions have different etching rates and different etching coefficients. For example: etching factor acid copper chloride etching solution is usually 3, of Alkaline etching solution of copper chloride etching can reach 4. Recent studies show that nitric acid-based etching system can be done almost no side etching, to achieve nearly vertical etched sidewalls lines.
3. Etching rate
The slow etching rate will cause severe side etching, and the improvement of the etching quality is greatly related to the acceleration of the etching rate. The faster the etching, the board in the etchant staying time is, the smaller the amount of side etching, the etched pattern clear and tidy.
4. PH value of etching solution
When the pH value of the alkaline etching solution is higher, the side etching will increase. In order to reduce the side etching, the general pH value should be controlled below 8.5.
5. Density of etching solution
Since the density of the alkaline etching solution is too low, side etching will be aggravated. It is advantageous to use an etching solution with a high copper concentration to reduce side etching.
6, copper foil thickness
To achieve minimum undercut etching of thin wires, preferably used (ultra) thin copper foil. And finer line width, thickness of copper foil to be thinner. Because the thinner the foil the shorter the time in the etchant, the smaller the amount of side etching.