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Read the difference between PCB and PCBA
At present, we have those testing methods in the PCBA process: ICT (online detection), FCT (functional test), AOI (optical inspection), AXI (X-ray inspection), visual inspection are all methods of detection, the more comprehensive, the more components cove
PCB warpage standard during acceptance
How to verify PCBA Reach& ROHS process?
What are the commonly used IPC standards for PCB? PCB and FPC flexible boards. There is a need to choose: Email: Integrity, professional, service, one-stop electronic product support platform You are ta
What is the industry standard for PCBA shipment yield?
How to set the yield target for each test position in the pcba manufacturing process? Based on what principle is it formulated? It is mainly based on statistics to determine the average yield value of each product in this station for 3-5 months, and then d
PCBA aging test methods and standards There are many test methods, such as UV aging test, high and low temperature test, constant temperature and humidity test, salt spray test, and so on.
The parameters of the PCBA vibration experiment are generally determined to be reasonable.
What kind of PCBA wave soldering is the standard process
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